After Delivery

Need help with breastfeeding?

Lactation Consultants (IBCLC's) help mothers with breastfeeding problems.

What is an IBCLC? How can an IBCLC help me? 


Breastfeeding support can be found in a variety of places. The kind of support you need depends on the kind of breastfeeding concerns you have.

Lactation Consultants can help moms overcome breastfeeding challenges such as:

  • sore nipples

  • low milk supply

  • slow infant weight gain

  • infant latch issues

  • plugged milk ducts

  • other breastfeeding challenges for mom and/or baby

Breastfeeding support groups provide:

  • answers to common breastfeeding questions

  • encouragement

  • a great place to meet other breastfeeding mothers

  • a safe place to share feelings and experiences

  • an IBCLC and/or women with breastfeeding training and personal breastfeeding experience





Lactation Consultants

Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center  706-475-3385

St. Mary’s Health Care System  706-389-3310

AthensBorn Birth Service - Kate DeWolf, IBCLC  706-223-0808

By Your Leave - Lucia Massey, IBCLC  706-255-1136

Walton Mom & Baby Care, LLC - Kat Sanders, IBCLC  404-593-8719

WIC-  How do I know if I qualify for WIC?  


Breastfeeding Support Groups

What is a breastfeeding support group?

How can a breastfeeding support group help me?

             St. Mary’s Health Care System- “Bundles of Joy” and “Toddler Time”  706-389-3310

 reBlossom Mama & Baby Center - By Your Leave - Register Online

La Leche League of Monroe-Walton -

 How do I know if I qualify for WIC? 


On-Line Support

Bloom Athens

        Athens Black Mothers Breastfeed - Sisters Circle

Athens GA Breastfeeding Chat and Support


Postpartum Doulas

AthensBorn Birth Service 706-223-0808

Adventures in Child Birth 404-953-8599