About Us

The CBC was established in 1991 by the WIC program of the Georgia Department of Public Health Northeast Health District. It was created to bring together interested individuals and agencies in hope that as a group we could have a larger influence on breastfeeding in the Athens Area.


The purpose of the Community Breastfeeding Coalition is to promote knowledge, acceptance and support of breastfeeding by the general public and health care providers in order to increase the frequency and duration of breastfeeding.

Our goal is to connect breastfeeding families and advocates to local support resources.

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Breastfeeding Resources

Pregnant women who learn about "how to breastfeed" before delivery are more likely to be successful.

Breastfeeding Classes

WIC Peer Counselors


Breastfeeding support can make all the difference as you learn to breastfeed your baby.

Lactation Consultants

WIC Peer Counselors

Postpartum Doulas

Support Groups

Online Support

Some moms find hand expression,

a breast pump,

and/or other breastfeeding supplies

to be helpful. 


Resources for hand expression and breastfeeding supplies


Many mothers plan to return to work while breastfeeding, and need to latch or express breastmilk in public spaces.

Resources for Georgia's enacted breastfeeding laws